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November 11, 2005

Fincantieri offers systems integration service

Fincantieri has formed a new U.S. operation, Fincantieri Marine Systems (North America), Inc. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Va., the new company builds upon the success of Fincantieri's FDGM, Inc. and its CEO is Upinder Kamal, COO and Executive VP of FDGM, Inc.

As well as taking over FDGM's activities, Fincantieri Marine Systems (North America) will be a marine propulsion systems integrator.

Fincantieri is one Europe's largest and most diversified shipbuilding groups. While it is the company's spectacular cruise ships and fast ferries that capture most of the publicity, Fincantieri also designs, builds and markets a range of other naval and commercial vessels and offers its own range of marine propulsion products, including the Isotta Fraschini line of high speed diesels in the 200 kW to 2,600 kW output ranges. These include the company's non-magnetic engines and gensets for minehunters. The U.S. Navy currently has 144 of these engines in service in 24 ships and a significant part of FDGM's business has been the service and spares support of these units.

Another success for FDGM has been as a member of the Lockheed Martin led LCS team. The Lockheed Martin team's LCS is, in fact, based on a Fincantieri hull design and FDGM will be supplying Ischotta Fraschini gen sets (based onconventional rather than non-magnetic engines) and a ride control system using Fincantieri fin stabilizers.

Other Fincantieri products include C.P. propellers, tunnel thrusters and steam turbines. As a marine propulsions system integrator, though, the new Fincantieri Marine Systems (North America) won't simply be offering Fincantieri products, but will forge alliances with outside suppliers, making use of its parent company's long relationships with suppliers and leveraging its considerable buying power.

"We will offer the same high level of service and commitment to quality within Fincantieri Marine Systems North America as we always have within FDGM, so that much will surely remain the same," said Kamal.