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November 10, 2005

Australian Senate to probe naval shipbuilding outlook

The Australian Senate is to make a year long inquiry into Australia's long term capability to build major warships.

The Senate today gave its Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee the task of inquiring into and reporting upon the scope and opportunity for naval shipbuilding in Australia and in particular:

  1. The capacity of the Australian industrial base to construct large Naval vessels over the long term and on a sustainable basis;
  2. The comparative economic productivity of the Australian shipbuilding industrial base and associated activity with other shipbuilding nations;
  3. The comparative economic costs of maintaining, repairing and refitting large naval vessels throughout their useful lives when constructed in Australia compared with overseas;
  4. The broader economic development and associated benefits accrued from undertaking the construction of large naval vessels

Hearings will be held in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania before the committee reports at the end of next year.