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November 8, 2005

Transocean plans $300 million upgrade for semisubmersible

Transocean Inc. (NYSE:RIG) is planning a $300 million upgrade of one of its Sedco 700 series semisubmersible offshore rigs.

Transocean has entered into an agreement with an affiliate of Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell) under the terms of which Shell has committed to drilling contract for the rig for a firm period of three years with an extension option for a maximum two more years. The drilling contract is to be finalized by the parties based upon stated drilling contract principles.

The rig is expected to complete the necessary shipyard work in approximately May 2007 and is scheduled to commence drilling operations following rig commissioning and customer acceptance. Shell reserves the right to terminate the contract should the shipyard work not be completed by February 15, 2008.

The Sedco 700-series semisubmersible will be selected from Transocean's fleet of Other Floaters. Revenues of approximately $385 million could be generated over the firm three-year contract duration, excluding revenues for mobilization, de-mobilization and client reimburseables. Revenues which could be generated during the option period are subject to mutually agreed dayrates.

The upgrade of the Sedco 700-series unit is expected to commence in early 2006 at a shipyard to be determined. The estimated cost of the upgrade, which includes dynamic positioning station keeping and water depth drilling capability up to a maximum of 6,000 feet, is $300 million depending on final unit technical specifications and other factors.

Once completed, the upgraded Sedco 700-series unit will increase Transocean's High-Specification Floaters fleet to 33 units, with 29 of the units capable of operating in water depths of 4,500 feet and greater.