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Stena DrillMAX

November 3, 2005

Wartsila power for Stena DrillMAX

Wartsila Corporation is to deliver six Wartsila 32 diesel engines with a combined power of over 40 MW for the world's largest drillship which is being built by Samsung Heavy Industries Co Ltd in Korea.

Ordered by Stena Drilling Ltd, a member of the Stena group of Gothenburg, Sweden, the Stena DrillMAX is a remarkable vessel.

It is dynamically-positioned with twin drilling derricks and is intended for oil and gas exploration in ultra deep water (up to 3,000 m) and harsh environments such as the Norwegian and Barents Seas.

With a displacement of 97,000 tonnes, an overall length of 228 m and breadth of 42 m, it is capable of drilling to a depth of 11,000 m.

The vessel is due for delivery at the end of 2007.

Wartsila will supply six 16-cylinder Wartsila 32 diesel engines, together with various ancillary equipment, including fuel and lubricating oil filters, coolers and pumps. The engines each have a power output of 7,290 kW at 720 rpm and will drive the main generators that will meet the vessel's total power requirements for dynamic positioning, propulsion, drilling, and hotel services.

"Wartsila got the order mainly because these engines have the lowest specific fuel consumption among the engines which we considered for the project" says Harry Robertsson, Technical Manager of the Stena group.

Another important factor was Samsung's past experience of Samsung with Wrtsil engines in earlier built drillships. Wartsila engines have a good reputation in deepwater dynamically-positioned drilling units, and a proven track record of reliable operation in offshore applications.

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