May 19, 2005

Malta, Cyprus off Paris MOU black list

The Paris MOU port state control organization has adopted a new "Black-Gray White" list of flag states.

The revised list was adopted at last week's 38th meeting of the Paris MOU Committee in light of the results of 2004 ship inspection results.

Two significant flags that have been taken off the "Black List" are Cyprus and Malta.

There are now 21 flag states on the Black List--five less than last year. The White List includes 31 flag States--two more than last year.

U.S.-flag ships rate high on the White List, with only Germany, the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom showing better inspection results.

A "hard core" of flag States reappear on the "Black List" with the most poorly performing flags still Albania, North Korea, Tonga and Bolivia. Though Sao Tome & Principe has disappeared from the Black list this is due to not enough inspections being carried out on ships flying this flag in the period 2002-2004. Brazil and Taiwan have moved from the "Gray List" to the "Black List". Ships flying a black listed flag run a risk of getting banned from the region (essentially Europe plus Canada) after multiple detentions within a certain period.


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