May 10, 2005

Harvey Gulf International orders 280 ft New Generation OSV

Shane J. Guidry, President and CEO of Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc., has announced the signing of a contract with Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla. for the construction of the New Generation 280 ft by 60 ft deep water offshore supply vessels (OSV) Harvey Spirit.

The Harvey Gulf International Marine New Generation design incorporates large capacities in what's described as "a manageable vessel design with the most space efficient design ever developed in a vessel of its class."

The design offers clear deck dimension of 202 ft X 52 ft (10,500 sq ft), drilling fluid capacity of 13,500 barrels, 12,000 cu. ft dry bulk along with extremely high water and fuel capacities.

"In most categories, our vessel can out-perform the older generation vessels of equivalent length and longer," says Harvey Gulf International Marine.

Liquid cargo loading and delivery systems include oversize piping systems. The vessels can discharge liquid mud at high flow rates (1,400 gallons per minute). Sailing schedules can be tightened and rig load times significantly reduced.

The reduction in rig, platform or dock time will permit the vessel to throughput more cargo--achieving significant cost savings.

Harvey Gulf's New Generation OSV has been developed for high deadweight at manageable loaded draft. Operators will be able to make full use of the vessel's cargo capability in port areas that, while open to vessels with shallow hulls that cannot work in rough seas, wind and especially currents, limit deeper vessels to operation at less than full capacity.

Enhanced features of Harvey Gulf New Generation include computerized tank level indicator systems, computerized cargo discharge system, vessel stability program and fuel management system

Two high horsepower bow thrusters, a stern thruster along with 6000 brake horsepower Controllable Pitch main propulsion plant combine to make the design very maneuverable at offshore rig and platform locations.

Fully SOLAS certified, the Harvey gulf New Generation vessels are constructed and equipped to reduce to the lowest probability any onboard emergency.

Lifesaving, fire alarm and monitoring, emergency power and fire suppression systems and personnel safety measures are included in a comprehensive approach to create a safe vessel.

The hull is configured with double bottom and double sides.

The double bottoms and double sides are primarily used for water tankage, so that hull penetrations will not result in any environmental impact.

In addition to the hull configuration, the vessel's sewage and waste systems are arranged for zero discharge operation, allowing the collection and shore disposal of sanitary drainage.

Navigation and communication systems include electronic charting, DGPS, DP-2-ABS Certified, Satellite C and (2) 96 mile radars. These capabilities allow for safer navigation and more efficient communication between the vessel and base. On-line communications and reports will be developed and automatically updated for transmission via e-mail.

Last year Harvey Gulf International took delivery of its two New Breed 240 ft by 56 ft deep water OSV's.Both vessels are presently involved with long term contracts and have proven themselves in operation,

Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc. is on schedule for the March 1st 2006 delivery of the New Generation 265 Ft. ROV Multi Purpose Vessel (DSV) Harvey Discovery presently under construction at Eastern Shipbuilding Group


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