May 4, 2005

Senate-House conferees move to block DD(X) rebid

Senate and House conferees yesterday agreed to an $82.04 billion FY 2005 Emergency Supplemental bill, including funding for defense-related activities, the global war on terrorism, and tsunami relief.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran said, "I am pleased that the conference committee has completed its work on the emergency supplemental bill requested by the President. It provides the resources needed by our military forces to protect our country and win the war against terror."

According to a Senate Appropriations Committee summary "The bill contains language that would prohibit funds in this Act and prior Acts from being used to implement a winner-take-all strategy for the acquisition of DD(X), the next generation Navy destroyer.

This appears to present the biggest obstacle thus far to Navy plans to "recompete" the DD(X) contract.


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