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June 16, 2005

SCA and OSHA renew alliance

U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Jonathan L. Snare today signed a two-year renewal of the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA) Alliance that will continue to foster a safer and more healthful environment for workers in American shipyards.

Renewal of the SCA Alliance will continue to help advance a culture of injury and illness prevention, and provide opportunities for improving workplace safety and health within the maritime industry. Originally signed on Jan. 23, 2003, the SCA Alliance identifies emerging shipyard safety issues and potential methods for responding to those issues.

"Our Alliance with SCA has provided the agency with several tools to address shipyard safety issues facing employers and workers today," Acting Assistant Secretary Snare said. "It is vital that we maintain our collaboration on these important issues, and we're proud that SCA wants to continue as a partner in furthering safety and health in the workplace."

SCA Chairman Herschel Vinyard commented: "The open communication and direct access to compliance assistance tools made possible through the national Alliance with OSHA was the impetus behind our members' achievement of safety and health excellence. SCA looks forward to continuing the Association's substantial reduction in incidence rates by signing this renewal agreement."

OSHA and SCA say they will continue to work together to increase access for shipyard employees to safety and health information and outreach programs, including ergonomics. Both organizations will also continue to develop and disseminate injury and hazard information at conferences and events, and through print and electronic media, including using OSHA's and SCA's websites.

SCA provided information and expertise to OSHA in the development of OSHA's Shipyard Employment eTool that describes common hazards and possible solutions for tasks performed during the ship repair process.

The SCA is a national trade association representing the U.S. shipyard industry that primarily builds and repairs commercial vessels. SCA represents approximately 35,000 workers in 23 states.


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