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July 27, 2005

Maritrans adopts SeaWave Integrator fleetwide

SeaWave LLC has completed an agreement with Maritrans, Inc to outfit its fleet of fifteen vessels with the SeaWave Integrator F55T solution featuring the Remote Management Suite. The Integrator F55T provides automatic least cost routing via Inmarsat satellite ISDN, MPDS, GSM, Iridium voice and fax.

With a fleet of four tankers and eleven tug/barge units, Maritrans needed a reliable and flexible voice and data communications system that allowed it to perform tasks and remotely monitor each vessel from the home office, removing the responsibility from onboard personnel. Maritrans also wanted a complete crew solution that utilized multiple communication mediums, including Inmarsat and GSM.

"SeaWave provides more than a communications solution," says Mike Donato, Director of IT Services, Maritrans, Inc. "The system has virtually eliminated onboard administration by providing a Remote Management Suite (RMS) that allows IT operations to be controlled from shore."

SeaWave's Remote Management Suite puts vessel IT control back into the hands of professionals on shore. By doing so the crew on board the vessels can concentrate on the jobs they are trained and paid to perform. Using SeaWave RMS, Maritrans now can track each vessel from the home office, remotely maintain and repair vessel systems, launche applications and transfer files both to and from the vessels.

"The goal for Maritrans was to save time and money while permitting personnel onboard the vessel to concentrate on their daily responsibilities." said Tim Green, USA Sales Manager for SeaWave. "Additionally, they virtually eliminate the need to dispatch their corporate IT staff or local contractors for on site maintenance and repairs."

Further reducing operational costs, SeaWave Billing has nearly eliminated onboard administration for Maritrans. Easy-to-read invoices and the onboard communications usage report clarify communications charges for each user. By removing the burden from Maritrans to track and charge individual and operational usage they have virtually eliminated communications administration both at sea and on shore.


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