What will be the size of the largest containerships ordered by the end of this year?

10,000 TEU
12,000 TEU
15,000 TEU

ELEKTRA during conversion

July 18, 2005

Vietnam yard redelivers car carrier

Vietnam's Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard has redelivered the car carrier M/S ELEKTRA to Wallenius Marine following a conversion that lengthened the vessel by 28 m to 228 m and increased its car carrying capacity to 7,194 vehicles. The vessel was due to arrive in Nagoya, Japan, July 16 , to load a full cargo for Toyota.

The elongation involved adding some 2,400 tonnes of steel to the vessel.

The conversion is the second in a series of five being carried out at the Vietnamese yard. The first vessel, the M/S MIGNON was redelivered on May 3--becoming the largest vessel registered in Sweden on the basis of gross tonnage.

Preliminary dates for the three remaining elongations are: BOHEME, delivery September 8; MANON, start June 16, delivery November 8; UNDINE, start August 16, delivery January 6, 2006.

The five conversions are worth a total $40 million to Hyundai-Vinashin, according to the official Viet Nam News Agency.

The conversion program is taking place in parallel with a newbuilding program at Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering that will see Wallenius take delivery of three 8,000 vehicle PCTC's in late 2007 and early 2008.


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