What will be the size of the largest containerships ordered by the end of this year?

10,000 TEU
12,000 TEU
15,000 TEU

July 11, 2005

Samsung completes world's largest containerships

Korean media reports say Samsung Heavy Industries has completed construction of the world's largest containerships.

With a capacity of 9,200 TEU, a length of 337 m and a breadth of 46 m, they have been named the MSC Pameira and MSC Susanna.

Built for Germany's Reederei Offen, they will operate for Mediterranean Shipping Company of Switzerland.

Samsung Heavy Industries is already thinking of bigger things. "SHI will seize the market with the 12,000-TEU-class super-container vessel it already developed and also make efforts in developing a 14,000-TEU-class container vessel to secure its unrivaled place in the global ship industry," the Yonhap news agency quotes SHI CEO Kim Jing-wan as saying.

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