5,080 hp Amnav Dolphin Class

July 7, 2005

AMNAV to boost tug fleet

AMNAV Maritime Service, a major provider of ship-docking services In San Francisco Bay and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is adding four new tugs that will be among the most powerful in the marketplace.

The multi-million dollar fleet expansion was announced yesterday by AMNAV President Milton Merritt.

"Through this investment, we will be both growing and improving our presence in the ship-assist sector," said Merritt. "We are looking forward to our expanded capabilities and to providing our customers with the best in service."

AMNAV, part of Seattle-based Marine Resources Group (MRG), will build the new tugs at an MRG-owned shipyard in Rainier, Oregon.

The "Dolphin-Class" tugs will be 78 feet long and will pack 5,080 horsepower, enough to handle a wide range of ships, including new-generation Post-Panamax and Ultra-Large Container Vessels.

The tugs will be powered by twin Caterpillar engines linked to Rolls-Royce azimuthing stern drives ("Z-drives,").

"In addition to being among the industry's most powerful ship-assist tugs, they will also be among the greenest," Merritt said. "The engines will be certified under the low-emission standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EPA," he noted, adding that AMNAV also has upgraded a number of its existing tugs with IMO-certified engines. "We are committed to exercising good environmental stewardship as well as exploring new and innovative ways of conservation," Merritt said.

Merritt said the new construction program is timed to keep pace with the entry of ever-larger ships into the fast-growing trans-Pacific trade.

"The trade is booming." Merritt declared, "The trend toward bigger ships is growing, and that means we need more horsepower to handle them."

The new boats are expected to be in service by early next year.

Dolphin Class

Principle Characteristics

Length 78 ft 0 in

Breadth 34 ft 0 in

Draft 14 ft 0 in

Design Speed 12.0 knots

Certified Bollard Pull 65 tons ahead

60 tons astern

Diesel Oil Capacity 10,000 gallons

Fresh Water Capacity 500 gallons

Registry U. S. Flag

Regulatory Tonnage Under 200 Gross Tons Major Equipment

Main Engines CAT 3512 B HD Series II

2,540 HP each at 1,800 RPM

Azimuthing Stern Drives US 205 FP Rolls Royce

Forward Hawser Winch Markey Model DEPGF-42

Stern Hawser Winch Markey DEPC-32


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