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December 20, 2005

Ferries brace for transit strike

With a New York City transit strike now a reality, ferry operators are facing a surge of extra demand. The city operated Staten Island Ferry will add extra services. While some private operators, such as New York Water Taxi, are operating special schedules, others are merely saying that they will maintain normal services.

Ferry operators' abilities to respond to the strike with extra services are somewhat limited. There has, indeed, been a renaissance in New York ferry services and many more routes are operational than at the time of the last transit strike, 25 years ago. But lately the region's private ferry operators have been struggling--with the largest, New York Waterways, being on the verge of closure earlier this year until a restructuring that saw half its fleet acquired by Billy Bey Ferry Co. LLC.

There's an in-depth report on the health of New York City region ferry operations in the latest issue of FERRIES & FAST CRAFT NEWS.

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