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December 5, 2005

Navy target: 313 ships

The U.S.Navy wants a fleet of 313 ships by 2020 according to a New York Times article that cites as it source "Navy officials [who] would not agree to be identified because the plan [has] not been made public or described to members of Congress."

The Times says that the shipbuilding plan, by CNO Admiral Micahel G. Mullen, would cost more than $13 billion a year--$3 billion more than the current shipbuilding budget.

According to the New York Times report, the plans calls for building 55 littoral combat ships (LCS). The DD(X) program would be scaled back to just 7 ships. However up to 19 CG(X) vessels would be added--though the first would not be completed until 2017.

The number of attack submarines in the fleet would fall to 48.

According to the Times, the plan also calls for building 31 amphibious assault ships.

The Navy would keep 11 aircraft carriers.