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VS 2220 OCV

August 19, 2005

Solstad orders offshore constructopn vessel

Norway's Solstad Offshore ASA has entered into an agreement with Ulstein Verft AS to build a large construction service vessel.

It will be built to a new Vik-Sandvik design, VS 4220 OCV, that has been developed in cooperation with Solstad based on experience with the Normand Cutter, Normand Clipper and Normand Installer (currently under construction at Ulstein).

The new vessel, will have a length of 130 m and width of 28 m (compared with 123.65 m x 28 m for the Normand Installer). It will be equipped with a 250 t offshore crane and have a 2000 sq.m working deck and will be DP class 3.

"This vessel will be a few meters longer [than Normand Installer], otherwise the differences have more to do with its outfitting," says Ulstein Verft's sales manager, Harald Moeller. "The vessel is going to be used for offshore construction work and will, among other things, be equipped with a moonpool, a 250 metric ton heave compensated crane, and class 3 dynamic positioning (DP3). It will have diesel electric propulsion. With a length of 130 metres, beam of 28 metres and steel weighing around 5,700 metric tons the vessel will loom large in Ulstein Verft's dock hall. The hull will be built at Maritim-Shipyard Sp. z.o.o. in Poland, while the superstructure will be built at the Ulstein Verft's Vanylven department."

Contract price is around NOK 650 million (about US$ 99.5 million)and scheduled delivery time is May 2007. As of now, the vessel is uncommitted.


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