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12,000 TEU
15,000 TEU

August 5, 2005

Chamber of Shipping makes leadership annoucement

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) has announced its new vice chairman and committee chairmen and vice chairmen.

Jack Robinson, Vice President of OSG Ship Management has been selected as the Vice Chairman of the Board and will support Mike Bohlman, newly elected Chairman in performing the duties of leading the Board.

Captain Vic Goldberg, Vice President--Ship Management for Marine Transport Corporation and Alan Bish, Senior Port Captain for Reinauer Transportation Companies are selected as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of CSA's Operations Committee. The Operations Committee has primary responsibility for reviewing regulatory proposals and guidance documents proposed by the federal government and developing CSA's response. The committee also reviews all activities at the International Maritime Organization and makes recommendations concerning U. S. positions to the U. S. Coast Guard. The committee provides oversight of CSA's environmental award program.

Captain Bruce Fernie, Manager of Operations for Keystone Shipping Company and Neil Cramond, Regional Manager-Americas for BP Shipping USA are selected as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of CSA's Policy Committee. The Policy Committee reviews all applicable legislative proposals being considered by Congress or the administration. It also provides CSA's input to the International Labor Organization (CSA is the U.S. shipowner representative to the ILO). In addition, it makes recommendations to the Board on the management of CSA's three safety award programs.

Mike Bohlman, Chairman of the Board said, "We are pleased that Jack Robinson can join with me in leading the Board. Jack has over forty years experience in operating ships and providing engineering support. We worked together in the past as chairmen of CSA's committees and I look forward to continuing to work with him. Our Operations Committee is ably led by a team that has excellent maritime credentials. Vic Goldberg sailed on various deep-draft ships and has varied shore-side experience. Alan Bish sailed on coastwise vessels and has been in leading management positions ashore. They bring a solid perspective to issues affecting the industry. Our Policy Committee leadership team, Bruce Fernie and Neil Cramond bring credentials as Master and Chief Engineer respectively. They both spent many years at sea and understand the importance of the many issues affecting our industry. I am pleased that these gentlemen have agreed to be a part of CSA's quality leadership team. We will continue to strive to better our excellent safety record and high quality protection of the marine environment.


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