April 17, 2005

Giant wave hits cruise liner

Friday night, on its return to New York from the Bahamas, NCL's cruise ship Norwegian Dawn experienced extremely rough weather.

"Although the weather had become slightly calmer at daybreak," says an NCL statement issued on Saturday evening, "the ship was hit by a freak wave that caused two windows to break in two different cabins. There was flooding in 62 cabins and four passengers were hurt with cuts and bruises."

"The safety and integrity of the ship was in no way compromised by this incident," says the statement.

Norwegian Dawn has diverted to Charleston, South Carolina to conduct repairs. Passengers whose cabins were flooded were being flown home from Charleston.

Once repairs are complete, the ship will continue to New York and, as of last evening's statement. NCL was expecting embarkation for its next cruise to start Monday, April 18, at 5.00 p.m.


Media reports put the height of the wage that damaged the Norwegian Dawn at 70 ft.

This is the second report this year of a cruise ship encounter with a large wave. In February, the V.Ships-managed Voyager temporarily lost power after being battered by a giant wave in the Mediterranean about 60 miles South of Majorca. (Read our earlier story here: http://www.marinelog.com/DOCS/NEWSMMV/MMVFeb14a.html.

British maritime union NUMAST has said that "freak" waves should no longer be considered freak and that there is increasing evidence of their frequency and magnitude. (http://www.marinelog.com/DOCS/NEWSMMV/MMVjan28b.html)

A European Space Agency report on the subject of "monster waves" is available here: http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMOKQL26WD_index_0.html


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