Mikioi--powerful new tractor tug

September 25, 2004

New tractor tug for Honolulu

Hawaiian Tug & Barge (HTB), a sister company to Young Brothers, Ltd. (YB), has built and put into service a powerful, new tug for assisting vessels in Honolulu's harbors and moorings.

The Mikioi, which means "quality of construction and excellent craftsmanship,"is deployed in Honolulu to provide state-of-the-art service for HTB customers.

With the Mikioi now in place, HTB's tractor tug, Mikiala, will be stationed at the port of Kahului, Maui to serve customers including Norwegian Cruise Line and Matson Navigation Co. In addition, to Honolulu and Kahului, HTB has a tractor tug already in place in Nawiliwili, Kauai.

The Mikioi is an Azimuthing Stern Drive (ASD) vessel, or tractor tug. The stern drives have propellers encased in nozzles that create a powerful thrust, which can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows the tug to move forward and astern and side-to-side with ease, explained Mark Houghton, Vice President of Marine Operations for Hawaiian Tug & Barge and Young Brothers, Ltd.

In addition to the ship's maneuverability, Houghton added that this technically advanced tug has an electrically driven bow winch with an adjustable frequency drive (AFD). This allows the operator to control the line between the tug and ship at high rates of speed with a high degree of control at all times. The tug can exert more than 60 tons of forward push on a ship and more than 55 tons of line pull in the astern direction.

"At 4,730 horsepower, the Mikioi will be the most powerful ship assist tug in Hawaii," said Houghton. "The flexibility and power enables this tug to pull a large ship directly off the dock, tow the ship, steer it at the stern like a rudder, and even bring the ship to a full stop quickly."

The 78-foot, 160-ton tug arrived in Honolulu on September 14. The Mikioi was designed by Robert Allan, Ltd. in Vancouver, Canada and built by Foss Maritime Shipyard in Rainier, Oregon.

It took eight months to build the Mikioi, which was delivered ahead of schedule. With the addition of this new tug Hawaiian Tug & Barge now has four ASD tugs in its fleet of seven assist tugs.

Hawaiian Tug & Barge provides contract towing service, ship assists, barge charters and related marine services throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Young Brothers, Limited provides interisland cargo service throughout the State of Hawaii with ports in Honolulu, on Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai and in Hilo and Kawaihae on the Island of Hawaii.


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