September 6, 2004

Unitor port delivery now "aligned with ISPS"

Ship supplier Unitor ASA says it has revised major parts of its port delivery and security system and is now "aligned with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code."

Unitor says this means that its 15,000 customer vessels will be ensured delivery of needed products and services around the world and without undue delays. The company has a worldwide network comprised of 65 Unitor owned offices and 156 agents in 73 countries and serving 1,702 ports and 145 shipyards

Actions taken by Unitor to align with ISPS include:

    A security assessment of all Unitor offices and warehouses and implementation of site security plans to control access to premises and equipment.

    A personnel identification system that Unitor says ensures its employees and subcontractors full access to the 1,702 ports that the company serves.

    Cooperation with local authorities to ensure that any special local security requirements are met.

    Establishment of a formal training program for port delivery personnel to increase security vigilance.

    Introduction of an electronic tracking and tracing system for gas cylinders to increase safety and security.

    Implementation of a packing and resealing system that provides proof of non-tampering in connection with inspection of goods onboard.


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