September 4, 2004

Cianbro to complete Conoco Phillips tanker

According to the Portland Press Herald, Maine construction company Cianbro has now landed a job that involves two weeks of completion work on an unfinished oil tanker.

The ship is Conoco Phillips' Polar Adventure. This is the fourth in a series of double hulled, 140,000 dwt Endeavour class polar tankers building at Northrop Grumman's Avondale unit.

Interestingly, some finishing touches were to be made at Grand Bahamas shipyard. Because of Hurricane Frances, that work will now be done in Portland, Maine, by Cianbro.

The Press Herald says Cianbro will not disclose the value of the contract. "But the job-- primarily applying epoxy paint, or coating, to the vessel's engine and pump rooms--will generate at least two weeks' worth of labor for 100 Cianbro workers, says the newspaper.


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