October 21, 2004

CATS ferry no longer under guard

According to local media reports, the high speed ferry Spirit of Ontario is no longer under 24 hour guard by U.S. Marshalls.

The ferry was impounded in Rochester, N.Y., in connection with a suit brought by fuel supplier Amerada Hess after the ferry suspended service.

Now the court has approved an agreement whereby, with the agreement of Amerada Hess, vessel owner Canadian American Transportation Systems (CATS), will be responsible for the ferry, which must remain in Rochester.

Amerada Hess, which says it is owed $372,00, had reportedly been paying $1,500 a day for the vessel to be guarded--an amount it expected to recover from CATS as part of the suit.

In a separate development, CATS said yesterday it was starting to process refunds to passengers prebooked on trips after service was suspended September 8.

Meantime, CATS has reportedly found new investors and has a tentative plan to restart the ferry, if it can get the approval of its lenders.

We will continue to cover this story in our FERRIES AND FAST CRAFT NEWS.


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