Jean Anne prior to launch (photo by Ray Broussard)

October 20, 2004

VT Halter marine launches PCTC

VT Halter Marine has launched the MV Jean Anne, the first Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) to be built in the United States. Built at VT Halter Marine's Pascagoula, Miss. facility, Jean Anne is one of the largest vessels to be launched by a U.S. mid-tier shipyard.

VT Halter Marine is a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems Inc. (VTS).

The ship is owned and operated by Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, a joint venture between The Pasha Group, a Corte Madera, California-based global transportation and logistics provider, and Strong Vessel Operators LLC, a Stamford, Connecticut-based shipowner and operator.

Measuring 579 feet overall, with a beam of 102 feet and a draft of 28 feet, the 13,000 dwt, 20-knot PCTC has the capacity to transport more than 3000 vehicles as well as other rolling stock, household goods and containerized cargoes. She has 10 decks, including 3 hoistable decks, served by a 100-ton stern ramp that can handle heavy construction equipment. With clear overhead heights up to 16.7 feet and over 120,000 square feet of over high and wide (OHW) cargo space on these specialized decks, Jean Anne offers flexible capability for OHW shippers.

More than 6,150 rollers were used to move the 13,000 DWT PCTC across 700 feet of land where winches pulled the vessel unto a dry-dock. Once onboard, the dry dock was lowered in place and Jean Anne floated free.

"Today marks the successful launching of the first modern PCTC to be built in the U.S. for the Jones Act trade," said George W. Pasha IV, President of PHTL. "Congratulations to VT Halter Marine on achieving this important milestone. We are pleased with the ongoing cooperation with CEO Butch King and his team and look forward to the delivery of M.V. Jean Anne and commencing our service between California and the Hawaiian Islands in March."

"The launch of Jean Anne is particularly significant for VT Halter Marine as it is the first PCTC to be built in the U.S.," said VT Halter Marine CEOBoyd E. King. "VT Halter Marine is proud to make our mark by setting a first in US shipbuilding. Jean Anne was designed and built to meet Pasha Hawaii Transport Line's requirements for faster delivery, expeditious processing, increased efficiency and lower costs. Her launch is also testimony that VT Halter Marine is moving forward in its quest to secure shipbuilding projects for highly sophisticated vessels in multi-market sectors."

Ray Broussard photo shows PCTC after float out


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