October 12, 2004

Container barge feeder service to link NY/Nj and Bridgeport

The Bridgeport, Connecticut, Port Authority has been awarded a contract by the State of Connecticut providing funding for a Ro/Ro Container Barge Feeder Service between the port facilities of New York/New Jersey (PONY/NJ) and Bridgeport.

The purpose of this service is to move sea containers to Bridgeport by water, rather than the overloaded road system. Bridgeport is an excellent transit point for container cargos moving into Connecticut and Southern New England. As the service grows, the expected benefits are reductions in truck traffic, highway congestion, and environmental pollution. The container feeder operation is to provide daily shuttle service

The system design provides for the NY/NJ arriving containers to be mounted on chassis, rolled aboard and secured to the barge, transported to Bridgeport, rolled ashore, inspected, and moved onto I-95 at the adjacent road access. Returning containers will be loaded in Bridgeport and returned to PONY/NJ, completing the cycle.

The Bridgeport Port Authority will manage the project.

The selection of major contractors will be key to success of the project, says the port authority.

Those major contractors will be the "Transportation System Prime Contractor" who will manage the terminal interfaces and the "Water Transport Contractor" who will manage the tug barge operation.

Requests for Proposals (RFP's)for these activities are to be issued in the near future. Bridgeport Port Authority has appointed Seaworthy Systems of Essex, Connecticut as Project Manager.

Parties interested in bidding on either RFP should contact Cheryl Scholes at Seaworthy Systems, (860) 767-9061 or Martha Klimas at the Bridgeport Port Authority, (203) 384-9777.


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