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May 27, 2004

Bergquist to lead Maritime Security Institute

The Board of Trustees of the Maritime Security Institute announced the appointment of retired Brigadier General Kenneth P. Bergquist as its President and Academic Dean. Bergquist is a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy (M&RA) and founding President of the Joint Special Operations University, an institution within the U.S. Department of Defense.

The non-profit Maritime Security Institute (MSI) is the world's only educational institution dedicated to maritime security and antiterrorism education, training, and research. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the MSI provides training to government and industry, such as seaports, shipping companies, and cruise lines in subjects relating to regulatory compliance, such as the UN's International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), terrorism, piracy, smuggling, and security management. The MSI was recently reorganized following receipt of a financial grant from SeaSecure LLC, a global leader in maritime security and risk management.

In a letter to the Institute's supporters, John Banner, a trustee of the MSI, announced that General Bergquist was the unanimous choice of the Board and welcomed him to his two-year term.

"General Bergquist is a remarkable leader and educator, and coupled with his distinguished experience in both academia and security operations at the highest levels of government, the Board of Trustees can think of no one more capable to lead the Maritime Security Institute into the new millennium," wrote Banner. "He has an extraordinary background and is one of the foremost authorities in counterterrorism and maritime security. There is no one more qualified to assume the role of President and Academic Dean."

In Washington, Bergquist said in a statement, "I am honored to have been selected by the Board of Trustees of the Maritime Security Institute to serve as its President and Academic Dean. The mission of the MSI is critical to the security of the maritime industry, particularly in a post-9/11 world. I look forward to working with the Board and our students and constituents, including the many maritime associations, shipping companies, port authorities, and partner government agencies, as we strive to provide the highest quality maritime security training in the world."

Prior to joining the MSI, Bergquist served as the founding President of the Joint Special Operations University within the U.S. Special Operations Command, and as Special Operations Staff Director in the U.S. Central Command during the war in Afghanistan. An attorney, Bergquist's background includes having served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy (M&RA), Associate Coordinator of Counterterrorism at the State Department, Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the Veteran's Affairs Committee of the US Senate, as well as tenure with the CIA.

Following the tragic events of 9/11, maritime security education and training has become a critical issue for governments and industry. The ISPS Code has set strict training standards for the qualification of port and ship personnel that must be achieved by 1 July 2004. The ISPS Code was adopted by the UN's International Maritime Organization (IMO) to address maritime security at all international ports and the security of ships engaged in international commerce.

About Kenneth Bergquist: BGEN Kenneth Bergquist (USAR-Ret) has over 35 years of experience in senior policy positions with the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government; military service in Special Operations and Counter-terrorism; and, in the private sector as an executive in the security industry. He has unique and extensive expertise and experience in domestic and international security, as well as national defense and intelligence operations and issues. Bergquist attended Stanford University and has a law degree, with honors, from the University of Texas. His combined military and federal service includes two years of combat duty in the Republic of Vietnam and Cambodia during which service he received the Silver Star, six Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts and various other awards for valor. After leaving active duty and completing law school, Mr. Bergquist served as an intelligence and paramilitary officer with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Following service in the CIA, Bergquist was selected to be the Legislative Counsel on the personal staff of Senator Alan K. Simpson and later was appointed as Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the Veteran's Affairs Committee of the United States Senate. Thereafter, he was appointed to serve in the following positions: Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (M&RA); Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice; Assistant Secretary of the Navy (M&RA); and, as Associate Coordinator of Counterterrorism at the State Department. In 2001, at the request of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Commander of Special Operations Command, Mr. Bergquist was recalled to active duty as a Brigadier General to serve as the first President of Joint Special Operations University. As such, he was responsible for the education of senior and intermediate Special Operations Forces personnel and for the coordination of the education of other senior personnel in the application of Joint Special Forces Operations in both strategic and operational settings.

As a consequence of the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, General Bergquist was selected for special duty as the Special Operations Staff Director for United States Central Command during Operation 'Enduring Freedom.' In this position he was responsible for staff management of the Unconventional Warfare and Special Operations campaign in Afghanistan and was instrumental in interagency coordination and preparing daily briefings for the Secretary of Defense based on interaction with field commanders in the war zone. General Bergquist retired from the military in July 2002 after more than thirty-five years of service in both active and reserve capacities.

Subsequent to his retirement from military service, Mr. Bergquist served as Chief Operating Officer of Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO), a security industry leader in the development and installation of automated access control and identification verification systems. Mr. Bergquist retired from SISCO in 2004.

About the Maritime Security Institute: The Maritime Security Institute (MSI) was created in 2001 to address the unique training needs of the U.S. and international maritime community. The MSI is a Florida not-for-profit organization that works closely with government and industry to provide benchmark training and certification programs for maritime security professionals.

In 2004, the MSI was given a grant to expand its curriculum and to seek out the world's leading instructor's and lecturers for programs ranging from certifying Port Facility Security Officers to training police divers in underwater hull searches for explosives. For more on the MSI visit:

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