June 24, 2004

560 DWT, 92 ton bollard pull AHT

MAN B&W muscle for AHT

MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Alpha, Denmark is to supply a complete twin-screw medium-speed propulsion package for a 560 DWT Anchor Handling Tug newbuilding under construction at Dubai Drydocks shipyard, for Seaways International LLC, both located in the United Arab Emirates..

Delivery of the propulsion package to the yard is scheduled to take place during January/February 2005, but the sterntube equipment will be delivered earlier to suit the hull construction schedule. The completed AHT is scheduled for delivery to the owner during the summer 2005.

The vessel, for which a robust medium-speed engine package has been selected, will be named ‘Seaways 9’. The vessel’s operational service will be dedicated to anchor handling, ocean towage, berthing and terminal handling.

Principal Particulars are:

Length oa 45.0 m

Length, waterline 42.9 m

Breadth 12.6 m

Draft 4.65 m

Deadweight 560 tonnes

Bollard Pull 92 tons

Propulsion 2 x MAN B&W 8L27/38 packages

Classification Lloyds + 100A1 Multipurpose Tug + Firefighting 1 with Water Spray + LMC

View of the engine, gearbox, shafting, propeller, and nozzle configuration for starboard side installation


A total main engine output of 2 x 2,720 kW (2 x 3,700 BHP) will supply the propeller thrust, for a bollard pull of more than 92 metric tons. The MAN B&W Alpha propulsion package type 2 x 8L27/38-VBS, which has been specified for the AHT newbuilding, includes:

Main Engines
Two MAN B&W 8L27/38 engines fitted with full engine power PTO and integrated journal bearing at the front-end driving a twin fire-fighting pump arrangement.

Reduction Gearboxes
Two MAN B&W Alpha AMG20 type HR/HL30 gearboxes with a speed reduction ratio of 800:208 r/min.

Two MAN B&W Alpha four-bladed CP Propellers and fixed nozzles. The controllable pitch propellers are designated VBS860, with propeller blade profiles bollard pull optimized for a speed of 208 r/min and a diameter of 3000 mm.

Control System
The Alphatronic 2000 Monitoring, Control and Safety System includes a bridge main control station and two slave control stations for wing location. The aft bridge also includes a full control station in addition to the control room station in the engine room.

MAN B&W Alphatronic 2000 Control Station: Layout for the AHT propulsion package's propulsion control, monitoring and safety system

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