Aremiti 5

June 23, 2004

Aremiti 5: Fast ferry for Tahitian waters

Designed and built to meet the requirements of Tahitian ferry company Aremiti Cruise, the Austal Auto Express 56 catamaran "Aremiti 5" is well equipped to handle the demanding challenges of a providing a vital ferry service between the French Polynesian islands of Papeete, Morea and Bora Bora.

The new ship is the fourth ferry in the Aremiti fleet and joins twoAustal-built cruise yachts in Tahitian waters, "Tu Moana" and "Tia Moana."

The two cruise yachts were built for Bora Bora Cruises, a company operated by Mehiti Degage, daughter of Aremiti Cruise owner Eugene Degage.

Austal says its existing relationship with Bora Bora Cruises was a significant factor in securing the order for the new fast ferry, a vessel for which the customer required a tailored fitout of a similarly high quality to that of the yachts, despite the ferry's very different role.

Commenting on the arrival of the vessel in Papeete, Austal's Managing Director Mr. Bob McKinnon said, "I am extremely proud of the vessel our team has produced. 'Aremiti 5' is verification of the quality and skill on which Austal Ships has built its world renowned reputation."

"Its delivery demonstrates once again, our ability to produce vessels across a broad range of types and sizes with characteristics that are directly applicable to their operational roles."
With capacity for up to 700 passengers and 30 cars. "Aremiti 5" offers a speed of 35 knots at 90% Maximum Continuous Rating.

It is powered by four MTU 16V 4000 M70 diesel engines, each providing a maximum power output of 2,320 kW at 2,000rpm. Each engine drives a Kamewa 71 SII waterjet through a Reintjes VLJ 930 gearbox.

Like the Bora Bora Cruise Yachts, the interior has been developed by Austal in conjunction with Tillberg Design and Aremiti Cruise.

The focus in the interior has been to produce a level of fitout that is both economical and practical for the ferry's role, while also providing passengers with a comfortable traveling experience. Passenger facilities on the air-conditioned vessel include a licensed cafe, television and video monitors and a mixture of table and chair arrangements and aircraft style seating.

The vehicle space on "Aremiti 5" is located aft and can accommodate up to 30 cars.

Passenger seating is located on three decks. On the upper deck aircraft style seating is provided for 346 passengers in the forward and midships lounges. Each seat comes complete with fold-down tables and information pockets. Views ahead of the ship are always an attraction and passengers in the forward lounge can relax in comfort while enjoying views around the horizon.

Separating those two lounges is an amenities block that also houses a crew room featuring sofa seating around two tables, food preparation equipment and color TV monitor with VCR.

In the aft lounge, where seating is provided for 156 passengers, a licensed cafe serves beverages and hot and cold snacks. Although enclosed, this area has an outdoor feel accentuated by Ocean Outdoor deck chair style seating. Outboard of the main dining area, alongside the windows, are rows of three aircraft style seats.

Below, on the main deck, a lounge with aircraft style seating for 128 passengers has been provided forward of the vehicle deck. Like the main lounge above, the seating is upholstered in a light tan fabric, designed for easy cleaning. Four aisles separate the seating blocks, which provide for seating configurations of three across the entire lounge.

Passenger entertainment and communication is catered for through a public address system that can be operated from both the café and the bridge, incorporating entertainment audio distribution and general alarm.

Video monitors are distributed through the passenger saloon and audio is distributed via ceiling mounted speakers from the VCR, compact disc player, cassette player and AM/FM tuner, which are all operated from an entertainment rack mounted in the kiosk.

On the bridge deck, 70 "Ocean Steamer" seats are available..

"Aremiti 5" operates with a crew of 10 including a three-person bridge team. The Captain is seated to the starboard side of the bridge and First Officer to the port side while the Chief Engineer is situated to starboard and behind the Captain.

The bridge equipment includes the Marine Link ship control and monitoring system developed by Austal Ships that features on most of its current. This system allows extensive monitoring of machinery and systems throughout the vessel as well as providing a powerful on-line system to manage all user manuals as well as other ship's drawings and documentation.

Harbor maneuvering and berthing is facilitated by external bridge wings, providing the Master with full and uncluttered views along the ship's side.The vessel is fitted with a Seastate motion control system consisting of "T" foils forward and variable interceptors aft.



Length overall: 56.6 m

Length waterline: 49.8 m

Beam: 14.0 m

Hull depth molded: 5.0 m

Hull draft (maximum): 1.9 m


Deadweight (maximum): 117 tonnes

Crew: 10

Passengers: 700

Vehicles: 30 cars

Axle loads: 1.5 tonnes

Vehicle deck clear height: 2.6 m

Vehicle deck access: 5.0 m long x 6.0 m wide (aft ramp) 3.0 m long x 3.8 m wide (port side ramp)

Propulsion Engines: 4 x MTU 16V 4000 M70; 2,320kW at 2,000 rpm each Gearboxes: 4 x Reintjes VLJ 930

Waterjets: 4 x Kamewa 71 SII

Speed: 35 knots at 90% MCR with 89 tonnes of deadweight

Motion Control System: Seastate "T" foils forward and variable interceptors aft

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