July 6, 2004

Bluewater loses emissions appeal

The Bluewater Network has failed in a legal challenge of EPA Clean Air Act (CAA) rules on emissions from large marine diesels.

A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C.turned down the challenge to the EPA's final rule adopting a two-tiered approach to setting emissions standards for "Category 3" marine diesel engines which are "very large marine engines used primarily for propulsion power on ocean-going vessels such as containerships, tankers,bulk carriers,and cruise ships." Bluewater claimed that the rule failed to reduce emissions from those engines and entirely omits to regulate the emissions from foreign-flagged ships' engines.

But a ruling announced by Circuit Judge Karen Lecraft Henderson on June 28 said: "We conclude that the EPA reasonably interpreted and implemented the CAA and therefore deny Bluewater's petition for review."

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