July 19, 2004

Paris MOU security questions

The Paris MOU is publicizing the questions that its Port State Control Officers are asking in the harmonized verification program on maritime security that it is undertaking along with the Tokyo MOU.

  1. Is a valid ISSC or Interim ISSC on board and issued by the ship’s Administration, an organization authorized by it, or by another government at the Administration’s request?

  2. If there is a subsequent Interim ISSC, is it clear that it was issued for a valid reason such as change of operator or flag (rather than as a means of avoiding full compliance with ISPS) ?

  3. Is the ship currently operating at the same or higher security level than the port facility?

  4. Do records exist for the last ten calls at port facilities, including the records of any ship-to-ship activities, as appropriate?
     (Note:  The requirements under regulations XI-2/9.2.3 to keep records of past calls at port facilities commences on July 1,2004 and only applies to calls on or after that date.  If all port calls since July 1, 2004 have been recorded but there are less than 10 calls you should still answer "yes" to this question)

  5. Does there appear to be an effective system of control of access to the vessel?
  6. Does there appear to be an effective system of control of access to restricted areas such as the bridge, the engine room, etc. of the vessel?

  7. Are key members of ship’s personnel able to communicate effectively with each other on security matters?

  8. Are records available to indicate that security drills have been carried out at the appropriate intervals, taking account of crew changes?
    If the answer to any of the above questions is “no” the Competent Security Authority will  be informed (unless the PSCO also acts for  the Competent Security Authority).


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