July 13, 2004

Coast Guard:"No ISSC, no entry!"

The U.S. Coast Guard today urged commercial vessel operators to ensure they have valid International Ship Security Certificates and other information required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code as part of their notification of arrival requirement to enter U.S. ports.

Failure to have a valid certificate will result in denied entry.

"We've experienced problems with vessel operators failing to obtain the required certificates and in some cases filing incomplete or inaccurate information," said Rear Adm. Larry Hereth, the Coast Guard's director of port security. "This has led to delays and entry denials which have been could avoided by paying attention to the requirements."

The Coast Guard's notice of arrival rule was published in February 2003 and requires ship's operators to submit accurate vessel, crew, passenger and cargo information to the Coast Guard's National Vessel Movement Center 96-hours prior to arrival.

Ships will be denied entry into the United States if they fail to submit the required notice-of-arrival, while failure to submit complete and accurate information may result in significant delays of up to 96-hours.

Ship's operators should review the notice of arrival regulations found in 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 160, Subpart C, to ensure submission of complete and accurate reports and minimize any disruption to trade.

The requirement to include the security certificate and other security information is outlined in Table 160.206 to 33 Code of Federal Regulations Part 160.206.

Assistance with questions about International Ship Security Certificate compliance can be obtained via the Coast Guard's Maritime Transportation Security Act Help Desk at 1 (877) 687-2243 or (202) 366-9991, or by e-mail at uscgregs@comdt.uscg.mil <mailto:uscgregs@comdt.uscg.mil>.

Contact Lt. j.g. Kimberly Andersen at (202) 267-2562 or kandersen@comdt.uscg.mil <mailto:kandersen@comdt.uscg.mil> with any questions about the notice of arrival regulations.

The full text of the February 2003 notice of arrival regulation can be found online at: <http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/>

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