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USCG Photograph: QM2 visits St. Thomas

January 29 2004

Even Queens must comply...

Cunard's new flag ship, Queen Mary 2 received a Coast Guard Certificate of Compliance this week following a thorough inspection by U.S. Coast Guard marine safety inspectors from the Marine Safety Office, Miami, Fla.

A Certificate of Compliance is required before a passenger vessel can embark passengers in a U.S. port.  A certificate is issued only after the vessel passes a rigorous Control Verification Exam to ensure that it is in compliance with the International Maritime Organization's Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

Some of the items addressed by the SOLAS regs and examined by Coast Guard inspectors include life boats and rafts, fire fighting equipment, familiarity with emergency procedures and crew training and competency.   

"Just like all other passenger vessels, the QM2 has to meet the rigorous safety of life at sea standards established by the International Maritime Organization and enforced through our Control Verification program," said Capt. James Watson, Captain of the Port.  "The QM2 has gone through an intense examination process and is now formally certified to embark passengers in U.S. ports and entrusted with their safety and well-being."

Queen Mary 2 is the largest, most expensive passenger ship ever built. Coast Guard photograph shown here gives good view of ship's rather unusual stern lines. QM2 has no rudders, since it is steered by podded proipulsors.

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