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Artist's impression of patrol vessel

January 29 2004

MAN B&W power for Chinese patrol craft

MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Alpha, Denmark has been awarded the contract to supply a twin-engine/single-propeller propulsion plant for a 1,000 DWT Type II Patrol Vessel newbuilding under construction for the China State Oceanic Administration, Beijing.

The vessel will be built by the Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard, China. The newbuilding is scheduled for delivery towards the end of 2004.

The vessel was designed by MARIC (Marine Design & Research Institute of China), Shanghai, which is one of the major ship designers in China

One of the two 7 cylinder  L27/38 diesels

The complete propulsion plant is based on twin seven cylinder L27/38 MAN B&W medium-speed engines, a DLG 3325 twin-in/single-out gearbox, a MAN B&W Alpha VBS980 CP Propeller and MAN B&W’s Alphatronic 2000 Propulsion Control, Safety and Monitoring System.

A total main engine output of 4,760 kW (6,470 BHP) will supply the propeller thrust, for a ship speed of around 20 knots.

The four-bladed 3,200 mm free running controllable pitch propeller, with high-skew blade profile is optimized for a propeller speed of 216 rev/min.

The vessel's maneuvering and power modes will be controlled--both from the engine control room and from bridge positions-- via an Alphatronic 2000 Monitoring, Control and Safety System from MAN B&W ..

The reduction gearbox is equipped with a secondary PTO for a 430 kW alternator drive. Also fitted to the gearbox output shaft is an ODF180 Oil Distribution unit for the CP Propeller system.

Side and top view of complete propulsion plant

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