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January 19, 2004

Pratt & Whitney power for Skjold

Pratt & Whitney Marine Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of UTC under its Pratt & Whitney Power Systems division, has entered into a contract with Norwegian shipyard Umoe Mandal to supply gas turbine propulsion systems for the Royal Norwegian Navy for six stealthy "Skjold" Class Fast Patrol Boats. Pratt & Whitney says the contract, valued at $40 million over the next four years, represents a "strategic return to the marine market. "

Each gas turbine propulsion system will feature two ST18M marine gas turbines and two ST40M marine gas turbines.

The ST18M and ST40M are free turbine turboshaft engines derived from Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW100 and PW150A aviation turboprop powerplants respectively. Over 5,000 PW100 andPW150A engines have beendelivered to date. The gas turbines have been tailored for marine applications and offer high efficiency and low weight capabilities.

The Norwegian Navy based its decision on a comprehensive evaluation of operational, technical and maintenance requirements.

Specifically, the Navy performed a detailed study of competing turbine configurations. Pratt & Whitney's COGAG configuration (combined gas turbine and gas turbine) was found to be better suited for the Skjold applications than the CODOG configurations (combined diesel or gas turbine) offered by others.

Following selection of the PW150 turboprop for Lockheed Martin's Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA), and the ongoing PW150 powered Bombardier JetTrain demo for the Florida High Speed Rail project, the Skjold application represents the third new application of PW150-derivative gas turbine engines in recent months. The PW150A entered service in 2000, first powering the 70-passenger class Bombardier Aerospace Q400 airliner.

"We are very excited to be working with the Norwegian Navy in offering this new generation of marine gas turbines," said Peter Christman, Vice President and General Manager of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems. "The ST18M and ST40M offer our customers the superior efficiency, unsurpassed power density and outstanding dependability that has been a trademark of Pratt & Whitney products for 78 years."

The "Skjold" SES (Surface Effect Ship) vessels will be built between 2004 and 2007 by Umoe Mandal. The Umoe SES system is being offered by the Raytheon-led team competing for the U.S. Navy's LCS program.

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