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Jan 27 & 28, 2004

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January 7, 2004

MARAD to hold meetings on National Defense Tank Vessel

According to postings on Fedbizopps.gov , the U.S. Maritime Administration is announcing two public meetings to discuss the National Defense Tank Vessel Construction Assistance Program established in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 (H.R.1588).

The program provides for financial assistance for construction in the United States of a fleet of up to 5 privately owned product tank vessels to be operated in commercial service in foreign commerce and to be available for national defense purposes in time of war or national emergency pursuant to an Emergency Preparedness Plan approved by the Secretary of Defense.

The Act calls for a Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued within 90 days after the date of it's enactment, or by February 23, 2004.

Among its provisions the RFP will request plans and specifications for construction of a new product tank vessel of not less than 35,000 deadweight tons and not greater than 60,000 deadweight tons, the vessel will meet the requirements of foreign; it will be capable of carrying militarily useful petroleum products; will be suitable for national defense or military purposes in time of war, national emergency, or other military contingency; and will meet the construction standards necessary to be documented under the laws of the United States.

Two industry meetings will be held at MARAD in Washington, DC to discuss these requirements.

One meeting will be held with with shipyards only on Friday January 16. Another will be held with all interested ship owners and/or operators on Wednesday, January 28. MARAD has twice changed the days on which these meetings will be held and there are various restrictions on how many people can come, what ID they must carry and so on. If you plan to attend you must respond via email to NDTVC.MARAD@marad.dot.gov no later than January 23, 2004.

Given the various changes already made to the schedule, if you're contemplating attending, it's probably a good idea to first contract Tracey Ford, Contracting Officer, Phone (202) 366-5757, Fax (202) 366-3237, Email tracey.ford@marad.dot.gov

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