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February 17, 2004

SCR for products tankers

China's Jinling Shipyard has placed an order for Munters SCR Converter System for four product tankers on order for Swedish shipowner Brostrom.

This is the first delivery of Munters SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Converter Systems to China, and the first time SCR diesel emission control has been installed on this type of ship.

The Munters system is claimed to reduce emission of NOx by 90 percent while emissions of other pollutants such as carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons are reduced significantly. The system includes catalytic converters with an integrated silencer section. Deliveries will start in October with the first shipset and the remaining three shipsets will be delivered within one year.

Swedish shipyard Oresundsvarvet has also placed an order for Munters SCR Converter systems. These are for Gorthon Line's two Ro-Ro ships "Obbola" and "Ostrand".

The ships carry paper products for from ports in Northern Sweden to the U.K. and the continent. These systems will be delivered in September.

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