Texas Governor Perry in the wheelhouse

Texas Governor Perry in the wheelhouse of the Towboat SAN RAFAEL docked at Buffalo Marine Service facility after holding a news conference to announce the award of a TERP grant to Buffalo Marine. The boat Captain Robert Frederick, left, and Pat Studdert, President, Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. explain the controls to the Governor

August 12, 2004

Buffalo Marine Services gets $1.89 million NOX reduction grant

Texas Governor Rick Perry was recently a very welcome visitor at Buffalo Marine Service, Inc., Houston. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has awarded a pollution reduction grant of $1,892,000 to the marine fuel bunkering service operator, and Governor Perry held a news conference at the company's offices at which he presented a check in the amount of the grant to Pat Studdert, President/Owner of Buffalo Marine.

The award is a part of grants totaling $80.89 million that will remove more than 13,000 tons of NOx from Texas airn.

Governor Perry pointed out that this was one of the larger amounts awarded to a company in the marine industry, which is a critical part of the transportation infrastructure in Texas and the nation. The Governor pointed out that "NOX is one of the primary components of ground-level ozone. NOX is usually a by-product of high temperature combustion."

Buffalo Marine use the grant for towboat diesel propulsion and generator engine replacement with engines that have been EPA certified at emission levels that comply to the standard for the year 2007 and beyond.

In expressing his gratitude for the grant, Pat Studdert thanked Stewart & Stevenson Power Systems Division, engine suppliers, and Emission Reduction Specialists and environmental consultants, for their "cooperative untiring efforts to make the grant possible."

After the presentation of the Grant Award check Studdert conducted the Governor and Commissioner R. B. "Ralph" Marquez, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on a tour of one of the Buffalo towboats whose engines will be replaced.

After inspecting the engine room, they visited the wheelhouse where the governor was briefed by Captain Robert Frederick on the operation of the boat and started the main engines from the remote location in the wheelhouse. As the party passed through the galley the Governor was also favored with a to-go portion of seafood gumbo which Captain Frederick had prepared for lunch that day.


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