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September 20, 2002

DNV gears up to provide security certification
About 100 Det Norske Veritas surveyors will within a few months complete specialist training to enable them to certify that shipowners are in compliance with proposed new international security requirements. They are being trained in cooperation with London-based Underwater Security Consultants, a consultancy with some 30 years experience in providing risk management, loss prevention and security services to Lloyd's Underwriters and the marine industry.

A Diplomatic Conference in December is expected to introduce requirements for ships and port facilities to comply with a new International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPFS) Code. Among the provisions of the Code are requirements for shipping companies to appoint security officers at company level and for individual ships, and for each ship to carry an approved ship security plan on board. The plan should include measures to be taken at various specified security threat levels.

While there are clear parallels between the new ISPFS Code and ISM, there remain questions as to what organizations will be recognized as competent to certify shipowners as being in compliance with the new security code requirements. Some of these questions will be resolved at the December Diplomatic Conference.

"There is wide expectation among shipowners that classification societies will provide these services, just as they provide other statutory certifications on behalf of flag states," says DNV's Karl Morten Wiklund. He says that DNV will approach flag states for the appropriate approvals as an RSO (Recognized Security Organization) after the Diplomatic Conference

Meantime, he says, DNV will have the first appropriately trained surveyors in place before the end of the year. He says that with a likely deadline for compliance with ISPFS of 18 months from the end of this year, implementation will be "much more challenging" than it was with ISM.

Underwater Security Services, which is staffed by former military and merchant marine specialists, has been working with Det Norske Veritas since "long before" 9/11, says managing partner Graham Shaw.

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