October 25, 2002

FBI warns of threat to tankers
A recent FBI alert warning that al-Qa'ida is targeting the U.S. railway sector also cautions that "the attack on the French oil tanker off the coast of Yemen and additional information from al-Qa'ida detainees suggest plans exist to continue attacks against the global petroleum sector."

"According to this information," says the FBI, "al-Qa'ida plans to weaken the petroleum industry by conducting additional sea based attacks against large oil tankers." Such attacks may be a part of more extensive operations against port facilities and other energy-related targets including oil facilities and nuclear power plants.

In addition, the U.S. Intelligence Community continues to receive general threat reporting on such sectors as, the airline and maritime industries, financial sector and government facilities and installations.

The United States Government, working with state and local law enforcement, the railway industry, and other sectors, has begun the immediate implementation of additional protective measures including increased presence of law enforcement officers, increased surveillance of critical areas and improved physical protections.


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