October 22, 2002

DOT IG starts USCG capital audit
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Transportation is initiating an audit of the U.S. Coast Guard's capital investments. In a memo to the coast guard Chief of Staff, Debra S. Ritt, Assistant Inspector General for Transit, Rail Safety, and Maritime Programs, says the audit will focus on the Integrated Deepwater Systems acquisition project and the Acquisition, Construction, and Improvements (AC&I) budget.

" We will evaluate progress and management controls for the Integrated Deepwater Systems project and evaluate capital investment plans, funding requirements, and the AC&I budget," she writes. "Our objectives are to determine: (1) whether the Coast Guard's fiscal year 2004 budget request for Deepwater is based on a reliable cost estimate and reasonable assessment of needs; (2) whether the financial and management controls over the Deepwater project are adequate to ensure the effective use of funds and monitoring of progress; and (3) the extent to which Deepwater funding requirements may impact the Coast Guard's capital investment plans and priorities."

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