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October 15, 2002

MAN B&W: More orders for 32/40
Innovations to the MAN B&W Diesel 32/40 engine series have seen engine's soot concentration reduced to below the visibility limit over almost the whole load range. At the same time, fuel consumption has been reduced.

The company has now received two orders for the delivery of six 32/40 engines in total. Two 9L32/40 large-bore diesel engines with an output of just under 5,900 hp each will, by the end of the year, be built for the German shipping company Bockstiegel, Emden, delivered to China and installed in two new 502-TEU container vessels in the Jingling shipyard, Nanjing.

In spring 2003, MAN B&W Diesel will deliver the engine components for four 7L32/40 (approx. 4,600 hp) to the Spanish licensee IZAR in Cartagena. The engines will propel a Ro-Pax ferry, which will be in service between the Faroe Islands.

In total, 610 engines of the 32/40 type have been sold since the series was introduced in 1992/93.

The latest revision focused on the combustion chamber and its environment. An injection nozzle with smaller spray hole cross section and reduced blind end bore volume is used, which results in an increased injection pressure and avoids fuel dripping. This permits a better atomization of the fuel and, therefore, improved combustion and reduced exhaust smoke. In addition, water-cooled injection nozzles reduce the exhaust soot of the engine, particularly if very poor fuel qualities are run.

In the combustion chamber design, special attention was paid to smooth combustion chamber walls and small gap sizes.

In addition, the new turbocharger has a special effect, which results in a considerable reduction of the soot values, above all in the mean load range.

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