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October 1, 2002

MITAGS azipod simulator completed

Glen Paine, Executive Director, Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS) says the institute has completed installation of the azipod system upgrade to its new STN Atlas Full Mission Ship Simulator (FMSS).

The MITAGS Azipod modeling replicates the behavior of all azipod vessels, including the largest cruise vessels in service today. The system can simulate any number of thrusters and azipod or fixi-pod units, with either fixed or controllable pitch propellers.

This system provides unprecedented capability for the simulation of azipod-equipped vessels including complex vessel motions and maneuvering.The modeling techniques were developed by the hydrodynamic experts from the Intermari Group of the University of Hamburg, Germany and were designed for integration with dynamic positioning equipment and automated trackeeping systems (ANTS).

The azimuthing levers and thruster controls can be moved by the operator to any location within the MITAGS FMSS bridge.It is possible to pilot the MITAGS azipod vessel from any bridge location, including looking aft while stationed at the rear of the bridge or forward from the wing.

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