November 26, 2002

Spain asks IMO Council for action
The 89th session of IMO's Council began in London yesterday--and there was an extra item on the agenda for the inaugural session. The Spanish delegation took the opportunity to bring the Council up to date on the Prestige incident .

Spain also made a number of proposals for measures that, it said, must be taken at international level, though without limiting measures that should be taken at local level. Spain is looking for action on points that include:

  • increased transit distance for ships with dangerous cargoes in the present Finisterre traffic separation zone and other traffic corridors
  • more rapid implementation of a plan of mandatory audits of flag states by IMO
  • improvements in the system of inspection of ships by port state control authorities, including a tightening of the rules, obligatory extended inspections of ships that have previously shown deficiencies
  • stricter controls of classification societies and "Recognized Organizations" that act on behalf of flag states
  • development of directives on places of refuge that do not infringe on the sovereignty of coastal states
  • elimination of transition periods in the requirement for double hulls
  • continuation of IMO's efforts to improve shipboard living conditions
  • accelerated implementation of carriage requirements for AIS and VDR equipment

You can read the complete text of the Spanish Ministry of Public Works statement on these proposals, in Spanish, here

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