November 15, 2002

Pacific Maritime offers seafarer upgrade courses
Gregg Trunnell, Director of Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI), the West Coast affiliate of Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), announces a training program for Able Seamen wishing to upgrade to Mate. PMI has scheduled courses that will begin in January, 2003. These courses include many of the 78 practical assessments that must be taken prior to being able to take the written exams at the Regional Examination Center (REC).

Able Seamen must complete Radar, Watchkeeping, Medical Care Provider, Coastal Navigation, Terrestrial Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Compasses, Ship Construction, Basic Stability, Search and Rescue, Emergency Procedures, Meteorology, Cargo Handling, Cargo Stowage, Basic Shiphandling, Steering Systems, ARPA, and GMDSS.

Prior to taking the USCG written exams for Mate, the seaman must present the following documentation at the REC. 1) Proof that the seaman has completed all approved training required (Course Certificates); 2) Proof that they have completed all practical assessments required (Signed Control Sheets or Course Certificates showing which Control Sheets are covered); 3) Proof of at least 3 years sea service, which includes 6 months service performing bridge watchkeeping duties, (Certificates of Discharge or letters from master or company).

Upgrading will take commitment and planning on the part of the AB and support and assistance from a progressive training facility such as PMI. PMI is the leading center for seafarer training on the United States West Coast. For more information on Able Seaman to Mate or any other training needs, contact Gregg Trunnell at Tel: 206-441-2880 - by email: or visit PMI’s website at

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