November 6, 2002

Bender to build PSV for Mexico
Tom Bender, President of Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc., Mobile, Alabama and Captain Gerardo Sanchez Schutz, President of Naviera Tamaulipas, SA of Tampico, Mexico, have announced the signiing of a contract for construction of a 202 ft x 54 ft x 19 ft Platform Supply Vessel. The vessel was designed by Kvaerner Masa Marine, in consultation with the yard and the owner.

Features of the design include oblong liquid mud tanks outboard of the centerline bulk mud tanks and 600 hp A.C. electric motor driven CPP tunnel thrusters, two in the bow and one in the stern, It will be ABS certified to DPS1 and will have a 500 gal/min fire monitor, driven by an A.C. electric motor.

"We welcome this opportunity to teram with KMM and Captain Sanchez and his team at Naviera Tamaulipas to construct a vessel which will be the best equipped and mission capable PSV in the Mexican flag fleet," said Bender,

"I am fully confident,"said Sanchez, "that the vessel, as designed by KMM and specified by Naviera Tamaulipas and which is to be built by Bender, contains state of the art operating characteristics and mission capability that will allow it to work in the very competitive Mexican offshore market, as well as any other offshore oil field in the world."

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