December 20, 2002

Ms Sara Jane is first Bollinger 220 super shelf supply boat

Bollinger delivers first Super Shelf 220
Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., Lockport, La., has delivered the supply boat MS SARA JANE, the first of two, 207 foot-by 53-foot by 19-foot supply boats with cargo capacities exceeding those of a 220-foot vessel. The owner is MNM Boats, a subsidiary of C&G Boats, Golden Meadow, La.

The new design is a joint effort between Bollinger, MNM and other Bollinger customers to produce a high cargo capacity offshore support vessel (OSV) that can operate on and off the U. S. Continental Shelf without many of the construction expenses and operational considerations of OSVs that work in deeper water at greater distances.

MS SARA JANE is the first of Bollinger's new 220 'super shelf' series."It can carry as much or more as some 230-foot OSVs," said Scott Theriot, executive vice president new construction of Bollinger, "and because of her design, she can work on and off the shelf and can access oil and gas well installations in shallow water as well as deep water locations. The 220 series is a natural follow-on to our 145 and 166-foot classes of supply boats that have capacities of much larger OSVs, proving that less can be more."

Theriot added that many existing OSVs are old and do not meet new regulatory standards and cannot take advantage of new, more efficient hull designs, new machinery and new systems without costly modifications to the older platforms.

Theriot said, "MS SARA JANE'S liquid mud tanks can carry over 6,000 barrels of drilling mud and her dry bulk tanks are able to carry over 6,000 cubic feet of material. It has three separate pump systems that can handle three different liquid mud products without danger of contamination. All pump systems valves can be operated through a central control system in the pilot house that also controls the boat's ABS class DP1 dynamic positioning system."

Propulsion power for MS SARA JANE is provided by two Caterpillar 3516D diesel engines developing 2,000 hp through Reintjes reduction gears with a ratio of 6.44:1. They drive Bollinger 102 inch propellers and independent rudders. Electrical power is produced by two Caterpillar 3408 diesels generating 370 KW each.

Theriot said the MS SARA JANE has sustained 11 knots of speed while other larger OSVs with similar capacities can only sustain 10 knots fully loaded. He attributed the extra speed to the hull design and the reduced roll to bilge keels. Brunvoll 700 hp bow and 400 hp stern thrusters enhance maneuverability. Bow thruster noise is reduced by a Sound Down noise damping system.

Joey Arceneaux, president of C & G Boats, Inc, said, "The Ms Sara Jane has already exceeded our expectations on her first job by surpassing the specified cargo carrying capabilities. Bollinger has designed a vessel that provides operator cost effective equipment that has already exceeded the demands of our offshore clients. We look forward to the delivery of the next vessel and we continue to work closely with Bollinger on future vessel building and design opportunities."

In the new "super shelf" design, the pilot-house is located further forward and features 360 degree visibility and includes touch screen computer displays for the boat's dynamic positioning and other control systems. Crew comfort features reduced noise and vibration, with accommodations for twenty-two persons and galley and dining seating for ten.

MS SARA JANE meets SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) requirements and is classed by the ABS as an offshore supply vessel Maltese Cross A1, AMS, and DP-1 certificates. The new Bollinger 220 series is also certified by the U.S. Coast Guard under Subchapter L requirements.

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