December 17, 2002

LM 2500 + package for QM2

GE Power delivers QM2 packages
GE Power Systems recently completed construction of two LM2500+ gas turbine-generator packages scheduled to be installed on what will be the largest passenger liner ever built, the Queen Mary 2.

Packaged and delivered by GE Aero Energy Products (GE AEP), a division of GE Power Systems, the completed turbines began the two-week journey to France aboard the M/V BBC Ecuador at the end of October and arrived in Saint Nazaire, France, during the first week of November.

The Queen Mary 2 is under construction at Alstom's Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint Nazaire for Carnival Corporation's Cunard unit.

Once finished, the liner will use the two 25-megawatt LM2500+ gas turbine-generator sets in conjunction with four diesel engines in a combined diesel and gas turbine configuration (CODAG).

"Our LM2500+ turbines, used alone or in conjunction with diesel engines, are quickly becoming the choice of environmentally savvy cruise ship builders and operators around the globe," says Rick Stewart, president and CEO of GE AEP. "Along with their low emissions, their compact size enables more passenger cabins to be included in the ship design, bringing more revenue to shipowners."

The CODAG plant will provide for all on-board power needs, from driving the four podded propulsors that will move the ship, to powering the electric lights in all passenger cabins.

GE Marine Engines a part of GE Aircraft Engines in Evendale, OH manufactured the two LM2500+ units.

In the past year, GE Marine Engines has marked several milestones including sea trials, maiden voyages and equipment deliveries.

"GE continuously demonstrates to the cruise industry the reliability and ease of operation our LM gas turbines provide," said Karl Matson, general manager of GE Marine Engines. "In addition, the environmentally friendly features inherent in our gas turbine design have set a new propulsion system standard for cruise ship owners and operators, helping to make each project unique," Matson stated.

The gas turbine-generator sets for all of the following projects were sold and packaged by GE Aero Energy Products (GE AEP), Houston, Texas. All of the gas turbines were manufactured at GE Marine Engines' Evendale, Ohio headquarters.

Princess Cruises:

Initial sea trials for Princess Cruises' Coral Princess were completed in late August 2002. GE's LM2500+ gas turbine, operated in a COmbined Diesel and Gas (CODAG) configuration with diesel engine-driven alternators satisfactorily completed all sea trials. The ship is expected to make its maiden voyage in December 2002, and will begin its first Alaska season itinerary in May 2003.

The 88,000-ton Coral Princess, constructed by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, is the first of four Grand Princess-class cruise ships. Chantiers de l' Atlantique will build another Grand-Princess cruise ship, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. will construct the remaining two ships. All four Grand Princess-class ships are part of a five-year expansion program that will see the Princess fleet grow to include 14 ships carrying more than 1.5 million passengers annually. According to Princess Cruises, the diesel and gas turbine propulsion arrangement employs environmentally sound technology that supports the company's ongoing commitment to this important issue. At the same time, this design incorporates better space usage through installation of the gas turbine in the funnel area of the ships, thereby enabling an even wider range of public rooms and onboard facilities to be introduced.

Royal Caribbean International:

GE's LM2500+ gas turbines continue to perform reliably on two Royal Caribbean ships in operation - Radiance of the Seas and Brilliance of the Seas. GE AEP is currently installing its combined gas turbine and steam turbine integrated electric drive system (COGES) arrangement on Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas, which is scheduled for delivery by the shipyard in the third quarter 2003. The fourth Royal Caribbean ship - the Jewel of the Seas - will be delivered to the cruise ship owner/operator in the second quarter 2004. The COGES arrangement on each ship features two GE LM2500+ gas turbine-generators and onesteam turbine-generator set for a total output of 59 megawatts. This electric drive configuration provides for both main ship propulsion as well as all onboard power generation.

Celebrity Cruises:

Four Celebrity Cruises ships - Millennium, Infinity, Summit and Constellation - also feature GE's LM2500+ COGES arrangement. The Millennium, the world's first gas turbine-powered cruise ship, was recently recognized with an award for its cutting-edge marine technology and ingenuity that improve performance, reduce costs, and protect the environment. Millennium was recognized for being the world's first cruise ship to incorporate smokeless gas-turbine engines. The smokeless gas-turbine engines burn a cleaner fuel than traditional medium-speed diesel engines. The cleaner fuel and improved combustion characteristics of GE's LM2500+ gas turbines significantly reduces air emissions.

100,00 hours in service

To date, the 12 LM2500+ gas turbines aboard the two Royal Caribbean and four Celebrity Cruises ships have accumulated more than 100,000 hours in service.

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