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May 15, 2002

New technology in oil spill response/recovery vessels
Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., says it has signed an agreement with Dolfab, Inc. to serve as the exclusive manufacturer for a line of marine vessels that will be specifically designed to incorporate Enviro Voraxial's new proprietary and "revolutionary" oil spill response and recovery system.

Key to the system is a patented Voraxial Separator (VAS) which, it is said, can be utilized to meet the specific separation criteria for each end-user's primary application. Because the VAS is a scaleable device, vessels serving a wide range of needs can be constructed. Each vessel, whether a large unit for high seas clean-up or a small, highway-transportable unit for the routine emergency spill response at harbors and waterways, will function as an individual "processing plant". These vessels, says Enviro Voraxial, are capable of capturing the contaminated mixtures, separating and containing the contaminants while returning clean water to its source in a one-pass operation.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dolfab will finance the initial production costs of all vessels in exchange for the exclusive rights to serve as manufacturer for any marine sea craft in North America, which will incorporate EVTN's oil spill recovery system.

James S. Doll, President of Dolfab, stated, "We are highly encouraged by the marketing opportunity which EVTN's unique technology can provide us in producing a line of vessels specifically manufactured to deal with the problem of cleaning oil spills."

EVTN, through both leasing agreements and outright sales, intends to market the special-use sea craft to port authorities, private contractors and environmental companies, which have an interest in maintaining high quality water standards.

"We are currently corresponding with potential customers for the use of our boats," stated Alberto Di Bella, CEOof Enviro Voraxial Technology. "We believe that our technology is more efficient than any other system currently deployed. The family of vessels we intend to build will be able to clean-up the smaller spills that occur at ports, marinas and harbors, as well as the large catastrophic spills that can exceed hundreds of thousands of barrels."

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