June 5 & 6, 2002
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May 14 2002

Tidewater picks new EMD model for 282-ft anchor handlers
Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., New Orleans, La. has shipped the first four of 20 marine models of General Motors totally new EMD 16-265H diesel engines and generators to Yantai Raffles Shipyard in China for installation in the MV JOHN P. LABORDE. This is the first of five new 282-foot, diesel electric anchor handling/tug supply boats (AH/TS) under construction for Tidewater Marine, Inc., New Orleans, La.

The four EMD generator sets in each vessel will produce a total of 24,000 hp required for the boats’ diesel-electric propulsion, dynamic positioning, winching, towing and other systems as well as hotel loads.

The generator sets utilize generators manufactured by the Baylor Division of National Oilwell, LP of Houston.

Included in the design requirements of the new vessels are a bollard pull of over 200 metric tons and the ability to handle anchors for rigs working in depths of more than 5,000 feet.

"That requires an incredible amount of smooth, dependable, high horsepower. These engines are designed and built for that kind of rigorous use, while meeting all of the new IMO requirements as well as being adaptable to meet anticipated future standards," said Ralston Cole, Stewart & Stevenson, Vice-President, Power and Marine.

He added, "EMD’s 80-year history of having produced more than 70,000 engines speaks for itself. Our customers value their outstanding reliability, serviceability, load acceptance capabilities, low operating costs and ease of maintenance with standardized components. All of us at Stewart & Stevenson are delighted that Tidewater, the largest commercial fleet operator in the world, is the first to use the marine version of these new engines that have already proven themselves in diesel locomotives."

Cole said some of the advanced features of the new 16-cylinder, four-stroke engines include the following:

  • Twin gas-driven turbochargers;
  • Cast ductile iron crankcases;
  • One centrally mounted camshaft;
  • Electronic fuel injection;
  • Thermo-flex piston crowns, and
  • Ductile iron cross-flow cylinder heads.

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