June 5 & 6, 2002
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May 6, 2002

Viken orders electronically-controlled MAN B&W


Confirming growing market interest in MAN B&W Diesel's electronically controlled engine, Norway's Viken Shipping has ordered a 6S70ME-C engine,

Bergen-based Viken has selected the 6S70ME-C for a high-specification Suezmax "shuttle light" tanker.

The vessel will be delivered from Samsung in Korea in November 2003 and will enter a long-term charter for Navion in the North Sea. Four more ships, two more Suezmax and two Aframax, are being negotiated with the yard for this owner, and they, too, are planned to have ME-C engines. For the Aframax, the 6S60ME-C type is foreseen.

The 6S70ME-C engine develops an output of 18,660 kW at 91 r/min. It all the ME engine features:

  • Variable electronically-controlled timing of fuel injection and exhaust valves for lower specific fuel consumption and better performance parameters
  • Lower rpm possible for maneuvering
  • Better astern and crash stop performance
  • Improved emissions characteristics, such as lower NOx and smoke values at any load
  • Equalized thermal load in and between cylinders minimizing the risk of premature need for overhaul
  • Incorporation of performance monitoring to promote longer times between overhauls.

Viken Shipping's primary reasons for choosing the ME engine for its newbuildings include the low rpm capability, giving improved maneuvering possibilities, and the excellent running economy..

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