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June 18, 2002

Alfa Laval and Unitor back marine e-commerce venture
Leading marine suppliers Alfa Laval and Unitor have joined with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and e4marine to launch Marine Transaction Services (MTS).

The venture is said to be supported by a number of shipowners, operators and suppliers, including Wärtsilä is using MTS to enable seamless quality transactions from the ship to Wärtsilä’s back-office systems,

e4marine claims it will "provide the first common e-commerce operating infrastructure for the marine industry, allowing unhindered relationships to develop between marine buyers and their suppliers."

Marine Transaction Services (MTS) cover "all elements required for buyer e-enabling, supplier e-enabling, transmission of business transactions, provision and access to validated product data and notification services."

Designed as an open and neutral forum for all organizations interested in e-commerce, the MTS infrastructure will, it is said, actively extend and support participation from a broad cross section of marine buyers, suppliers and e-commerce portals. This means that buyers and suppliers can work more closely together to enhance their business relationships. This clearing house model has been shown to be successful in industries such as banking, which has many parallels with the global transactions that occur within the marine sector.

Lasse S. Nikolaisen of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y) believes that the MTS solution will improve efficiency in the supply chain within the marine industry. CGE&Y works with supply chains on a global basis in many different industries, and has been involved with implementation of similar solutions within the automotive industry, an industry which is known for efficient and innovative supply chain development.

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