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June 17, 2002

Mineta announces port security grants
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta today announced the award of $92.3 million in grants to 51 ports located throughout the nation to enhance the security of ports and other facilities. 

“Protecting seaports and port facilities against the threat of terrorism is imperative,” said Mineta.  “The terrorist attacks have resulted in a renewed focus on the security of our transportation systems and we at DOT are aggressively meeting these challenges on several fronts.”

Port security grants totaling $78 million will fund enhanced facility and operational security.  In addition, $5 million is provided for security assessments that will enable port and terminals to evaluate vulnerabilities and identify mitigation strategies for their facilities. $9.3 million will fund "proof-of-concept" projects that will explore the use of new technology, such as electronic seals, vessel tracking, and electronic notification of vessel arrivals, to improve maritime security

Congress provided funding for the grant program to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is responsible for security in all modes of transportation.  TSA, along with the Maritime Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard, reviewed project applications and is administering the grant program.

In an effort to reassess the security threats posed by cargo containers in light of the September 11 attacks, the Interagency Container Working Group, led by the Department and U.S. Customs, developed recommendations to improve the security of containers as they move through the intermodal transportation system. The Department’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office recently augmented the group’s efforts by its successful completion of a test of electronic seals, a new technology that enables regulatory agencies to determine if a container has been tampered with.

The Department of Transportation is also working through the International Maritime Organization to facilitate legitimate cross-border movements while preventing illegal or dangerous ones and is creating a nationwide transportation worker identification system. 

The Bush Administration’s FY 2003 budget proposal includes key funding for new port security initiatives including port vulnerability assessments, U.S. Coast Guard maritime safety and security teams and port intelligence and investigative teams.  Additionally, the Administration is working to enact maritime security legislation that will provide long-term tools for security planning and international coordination.

  • Grantee Award Location

  • Municipality of Anchorage $458,208 Anchorage, AK

  • City of Baltimore 500,000 Baltimore, MD

  • Maryland Port Administration 3,264,000 Baltimore, MD

  • LBC Baton Rouge LLC 80,000 Baton Rouge, LA

  • Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County Texas 560,000 Beaumont, TX
  • Boston Police Department 2,878,947 Boston, MA

  • Maritime Incident Resource and Training Partnership 100,000 Boston, MA

  • NaviTag Technologies 875,000 Boston, MA

  • Canaveral Port Authority 1,650,000 Cape Canaveral, FL

  • South Carolina State Ports Authority 1,921,750 Charleston, SC

  • The Maritime Association of the Port of Charleston 15,000 Charleston, SC

  • Atlantic Energy Inc. 109,590 Chesapeake, VA

  • Port of Corpus Christi Authority 2,273,277 Corpus Christi, TX

  • Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay Inc. 250,000 Delaware River Ports, PA/NJ/DE

  • Tri-state Maritime Safety Assn 150,000 Delaware River Ports, PA/NJ/DE

  • Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry Inc. 135,000 Detroit, MI

  • Everett Police Department 150,000 Everett, MA

  • Broward County Board of County Commissioners 6,844,800 Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Brazos River Harbor Navigation District 85,000 Freeport, TX

  • Port of Galveston 375,000 Galveston, TX

  • Matson Navigation Company 125,000 Honolulu, HI

  • State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Harbors Division 650,000 Honolulu, HI

  • Dynegy Midstream Services Inc. 60,000 Houston, TX

  • LBC Houston L.P. 142,000 Houston, TX

  • Port of Houston Authority 1,800,000 Houston, TX

  • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP 30,000 Huntington, WV

  • Strictly Business Computer Systems 750,000 Huntington, WV

  • Sunoco Inc. (R&M) 647,000 Huntington, WV

  • Woods Hole Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Auth. 8,000 Hyannis, MA

  • Inland Rivers Ports & Terminals Inc 562,722 Jackson, MS

  • Jacksonville Marine Transportation Exchange Inc. 240,000 Jacksonville, FL

  • Jacksonville Seaport Authority 297,000 Jacksonville, FL

  • Crowley Liner Services Inc. 268,000 Jacksonville/Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • City of Ketchikan 122,721 Ketchikan, AK

  • The Curtis & Kimball Company 510,500 Key West, FL

  • CITGO Petroleum Corporation 201,757 Lake Charles, LA

  • Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District 200,000 Lake Charles, LA

  • The Port of South Louisiana 624,000 LaPlace, LA

  • Harbor Dept. of the City of Long Beach 4,335,000 Long Beach, CA

  • City of Long Beach 340,000 Long Beach, CA

  • Eagle Marine Services Ltd. $1,900,000 Los Angeles, Ca

  • Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals L.P. 80,000 Los Angeles, CA

  • Port of Los Angeles 1,500,000 Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA

  • APL Limited $1,300,000 Los Angeles/Oakland, CA and Seattle, WA

  • Memphis & Shelby County Port Commission 200,000 Memphis, TN

  • Miami River Marine Group 49,157 Miami, FL

  • Miami-Dade County 6,370,801 Miami, FL

  • Cross Sound Ferry Services Inc. 96,636 New  London, CT

  • State of Connecticut 200,000 New Haven, CT

  • Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans 3,684,450 New Orleans, LA

  • BASF Corporation 398,000 New Orleans, LA and Freeport, TX

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 4,068,800 New York and New Jersey

  • New York City Department of Transportation 2,768,166 New York, NY

  • New York City Economic Development Corp. 2,500,000 New York, NY

  • City of Norfolk 500,000 Norfolk, VA

  • Virginia Port Authority 5,293,140 Norfolk, VA

  • Port of Oakland 4,867,071 Oakland, CA

  • Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council Inc. 850,000 Philadelphia, Pa

  • City of Portland Maine 175,000 Portland, ME

  • Columbia River Steamship Operators Association 623,000 Portland, OR

  • NH Department of Safety 200,000 Portsmouth, NH

  • ProvPort Inc. 261,500 Providence, RI

  • San Diego Unified Port District 2,233,000 San Diego, CA

  • Port of San Francisco 500,000 San Francisco, CA

  • Puerto Rico Ports Authority 3,000,000 San Juan, PR

  • Colonial Terminals Inc. 942,600 Savannah, GA

  • Georgia Ports Authority 1,312,000 Savannah, GA

  • Support Terminal Operating Partnership LLC 50,800 Savannah, GA

  • Clipper Navigation Inc. 127,000 Seattle, WA

  • Washington State Ferries 110,000 Seattle, WA

  • Port of Seattle 4,769,724 Seattle/Tacoma/Everett, WA

  • Tampa Port Authority 3,500,000 Tampa, FL

  • Port of Texas City 1,735,883 Texas City, TX

  • City of Valdez 764,000 Valdez, AK

  • Port of Vancouver USA 30,000 Vancouver, WA

  • Diamond State Port Corp. 500,000 Wilmington, DE

  • North Carolina State Ports Authority 250,000 Wilmington/Morehead City, NC

    Total $92,300,000

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